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Bud Keith Fund

Mobility Training


As the photo below suggests, mobility training is often conducted at night because many of the trainees are “night blind”.  That is, they can travel safely and hold jobs during the day but can’t see at night (The most common cause of night blindness is retinitis pigmentosa). The ability to travel safely to and from work is, obviously, essential for holding a job.


Several of the thank-you letters we have received indicate that the ability to travel independently has much broader impacts. Here is what Julyannette Haughton, one of the Bud Keith scholars, wrote:

"…The classes for nighttime mobility that I received in the last quarter of 2013 have given my daily life a 360-degree turn… I have lost that fear of leaving home.  I am much more confident when going to unfamiliar places…In short, I’ve stopped worrying about the little impediments that make you reluctant to do the things you’ve always wanted to do…"

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