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Bud Keith Scholarships

Marissa Vega

Marissa was born with three serious eye problems, microphthalmia (small eyeballs), strabismus (crossed eyes), and cataracts. The photo at right shows her with her parents, both of who are also visually impaired. We’ve provided Marissa with financial aid since 2012, when she was in second grade, and she has turned out to be an excellent student. At the end of the 2014 school year, the family sent us this note: “We are grateful to God, who has given us the strength to progress down Marissa’s academic path. We want to thank you who have helped cover part of the cost of her primary schooling. We, the Vega Martínez family, express our deep gratitude. She’s growing and every day, we parents try to teacher to work to build her future, taking advantage of every opportunity that God gives her.”

Photo of Marissa Vega
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