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April 2019 El Bochinche

Updated: May 1, 2019

Queridos PCPF Members

I want to wish a Happy Easter to all of your who celebrate! Easter was one of my favorite holidays in Panama. It was one of the few times that the four churches in my site got together to plan a community celebration that looked past denominations. And let's not forget the panecito that made all the long services worth it. The first time I had panecito I remember thinking "Just when you thought they couldn't come up with another corn recipe... they introduce you to this delicious bread that melts in your mouth".

In this edition of el Bo follow the progress of your favorite Panamanian baseball team (Fuerza Chiriqui!), learn about the candidates of the upcoming Panamanian elections, and read about a book written from one of our own.

Please take a few minutes to look at the PCPF Board Positions that are up for elections. We are still looking for new team to bring fresh ideas and help continue the growth of PCPF. This could be a great opportunity for you to build your resume, learn a new skill, or use your expertise to support the PCPF mission.



PCPF Updates

PCPF Grant Awarded

Congratulations to PCV Zach in the Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé on his rainwater tanks project. Zach will be working with 15 families in his community who are not connected to any water system and rely on nearby streams and water holes . PCPF is proud to support his efforts to provide a reliable source of water to those who needed it most. Suerte Zach!

Board Elections

We are still looking for enthusiastic, creative, and passionate candidates to help take PCPF to the next level. Whether you have years of experience or are looking to gain experience, you can be an asset to our organization.

All Executive Board positions are open starting February 2019. Learn more about what being a Board member entails and please submit your application using the Election Form. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at We are happy to chat and give you more information about the positions.

News From Panama

Batter up!

The Panamanian Liga Mayor is well underway and has gone through the first round of games. Teams still in the running to be this year's campeon are: Los Santos, Colón, Panamá Metro, Bocas del Toro, Herrera, Veraguas, Chiriquí, and Panamá Oeste. Keep up with the standings and the results of the quarter finals with Tvmax, here

Festival Internacional del Cine

Panama's film industry has slowly grown over recent years, with the International Film Festival (IFF) being one of the moments where Panamanian films share the spotlight with international films as well. At this year's festival, special guests such as Oscar nominee Yalitza Aparicio (Roma), will be present. Check out the IFF page for more information on this year's featured films

Election Fever!

We are just a month away from Panama's national elections on Sunday, May 5th. Keep up with the latest election news.

Peace Corps Panama Updates

Pre-service Training Well Underway

The newest trainee group, G84, has enjoyed a positive tech week in the campo. Both CEC and TELLS aspirantes are now winding down their final weeks preparing for their upcoming swear-in at the end of this month. 

RPCV Spotlight - The Shape of Tomorrow

By Jim Brunton

Dear Returned Peace Corps Volunteer,

To Promote Better Understanding. That was the deal.

In return for the historic opportunity to share our energy, our idealism, and our talent with others so that the world might be a better place and we better people—we agreed to promote better understanding—the kind of understanding that seems almost completely missing in our country today.

In fact, during two years of slack-jawed astonishment and frenzied hand-wringing, I have not heard a single solution that addresses the root cause of our current disarray. Instead we are consumed with endless reaction when only wise pro-action has any hope of success—and this in the face of the most important dilemma we may ever encounter.

Where is the fabled creativity and vitality that once powered this “last best hope of man”?

There are now over 200,000 of us out there—perhaps the greatest concentration of broad and deep understanding the world has ever seen—and our country needs us now more than ever. It needs our understanding of the human dynamic, our wisdom—and our demonstrated capacity to give on a grand scale.

Embedded in The Shape of Tomorrow—the story of my own Peace Corps experience and its aftermath—are my ideas about the underlying issues driving our disarray. They suggest that politicians and government in general must forever follow power and wealth to remain viable, and that an enduring path to a better future can only be forged by ourselves. The book concludes that the principles and ideals which have illuminated our country for centuries can be revitalized through creative and positive use of the very

technologies which seem to undermine them today—and then it explains how you and I can help accomplish this.

But these are only my ideas, and my solutions. Won’t you add yours?

You can do so on our platform for action and mutual discussion at Then, when the Peace Corps-inspired, rainforest-built Pajaro Jai (Rainforest Phoenix) comes to a port near you, you can discuss them face to face with other concerned citizens—East Coast: summer of 2019—West Coast: summer

of 2020

All RPCVs and Peace Corps personnel are entitled to a digital copy of this book. Just click here on and then on THE BOOK/THE ADVANCE EDITION using the password transcend. You can download the book or read it directly from the website. For non-RPCV copies, paperback or digital, go to THE BOOK/THE BUY.

All the best,

Jim Brunton

Panama RPCV

Darien, G14 (1967-1970)

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Please support PCPF by shopping through Amazon Smile using the PCPF link. This does not cost anything extra to you nor does it impact the items that you can purchase. Amazon will donate 0.5% of your total purchase to PCPF.


Third Goal Activities

Do you continue to be involved in projects in Panama? Are you sharing your Peace Corps experience with other? We would love to feature you in the RPCV spotlight! Please fill out this this  Google Form  and let us know about the wonderful work you are doing.


Looking for RPCV Career Support?

Check out the PC Headquarters Career Center online or in person to help support you in finding your perfect career path post-service. Check out their web resources here .

Considering Grad School?

As RPCVs we are eligible for life to apply for grad school financial support through the Paul D. Coverdell Fellowship. Find out more about participating universities and their respective programs here .


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