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2019 Board Elections

Peace Corps Panama Friends is looking for enthusiastic, creative, and passionate candidates to help us take our organization to the next level. Whether you have years of experience or are looking to gain experience, you can be an asset to our organization.

All Executive Board positions are open starting February 2019. Please submit you application using the Election Form.

Ever wonder what it is that we do? We'll be featuring "A Day In the Life Of" profiles for each position in the next two issues of El Bo to help you decide which position is best for you.

A Day In the Life of the President

Two reasons motivated me to become involved with PCPF: I wanted to give back to an organization that changed my life for the better and I was interested in a leadership role that could help me grow professionally. Being the PCPF President has given me that and so much more. My main responsibilities include:

  • Developing a strategic plan and making sure that PCPF stays on track

  • Creating the monthly issue of El Bochinche

  • Working closely with the PCPF Communications Director to review and provide feedback on external communication products

  • Manage calendar sales including printing and shipping

  • Support members of the Executive Board as needed

  • Represent PCPF in meetings and networking event

The best part of my job? I work with an amazing team that go above and beyond every day as they balance work, family, life, and PCPF. I also get to "meet" (electronically) amazing RPCVs from all over the U.S. who share their inspirational stories with me. Lastly, this leadership role has presented me with, what I call, a safe place to fail. What I mean is that PCPF has allowed me to be more creative than ever and has empowered me to implement my vision without fears. Please feel free to email me at if you would like to chat more about the President position.

A day in the life of the Vice President:

One of my primary motivations for serving on PCPF’s board was to increase my connection back to Panama which I dearly miss and to provide similar connections for other Panama RPCVs. This opportunity has been that and much more. 

The role of Vice President maintains our relationship with the National Peace Corps Association, help maintain the membership database, and supports the President with any other projects as necessary. I also contribute to our board-wide decisions regarding calendars, grant funding, and strategic planning via email, Whatsapp, and monthly meetings. 

Being a board member has been a wonderful way to connect to Panama RPCVs from other sectors and years, gain experience of managing a non-profit organization, and work in a supportive, collaborative environment with the other board members. If you have any questions about the Vice President position, please feel free to reach out to me at

A Day in the Life of the Secretary

My duties as secretary of Peace Corps Panama Friends (PCPF) are as diverse and gratifying as the mission we serve. They include note taking, recording the minutes, scheduling, editing, proofreading, member communication, and other requests made by board members. Board members meet once a month communicating on Google Meetup and chat by phone when there are issues needing more immediate attention.

Note taking & recording the minutes represent an opportunity to ensure the goals of PCPF are clearly articulated and understood by membership. Scheduling meetings provides an opportunity to ensure board members can meet and share insight regarding our mutual interest in maintaining the overall mission and completing duties. Member communication represents an opportunity to engage with past and present members of PCPF.

I recognize that outreach is incredibly important to keep members abreast of current, future, and past activities and have been the point of contact for our regional coordinators serving in several states around the USA. The regional coordinators, along with the president and myself communicate every two months or so regarding organizing local events to reunite PCPF. It has been a pleasure to work with this group & would be happy to answer any additional questions! Contact me at

A Day In the Life of the Treasurer

As the current Treasurer, on a daily basis I'm satisfied with routine and motivated by action. In this instance routine refers to the satisfying feeling of consistent financial monitoring and contributing to incremental organizational growth. I know you know the feeling. The action portion of this role refers to approving and fulfilling PCPF grant funding for current Panama PCV projects. For me, this is where the rubber meets the road. I believe in the work PCVs do and am honored to actively contribute to their projects. Although the day-to-day of this position is primarily to keep PCPF financially solvent and contributing to PCV projects, just as PCPF once contributed to my own, it keeps my motivation alive. Want more info on this position? Send me an email at with any questions.

A Day in the Life of Panama Liaison

Being an RPCV continues to be a source of great pride for me. Getting to continue to form that connection between Panama and my fellow RPCVs is an honor. For those reasons and more I chose to run for Panama Liaison of Peace Corps Panama friends. My passion for the Peace Corps mission continues to motivate me every day to serve both in my work and through volunteering on the PCPF board.

My main responsibilities include: 

  • Maintaining a connection between the Peace Corps office and PCPF members 

  • Managing the PCPF Grants program by promoting grants through the Peace Corps Grants Coordinator and supporting the selection process. 

  • Providing content for our monthly newsletter El Bochinche to inform our members of what's happening in Panama

  • Work closely with VAC throughout the Calendar sales cycle

  • Support my fellow board members in developing our organization

My favorite part of this position is by far communicating with you, the generations of PCVs that make the organization possible! While still calling the isthmus my home, I get to serve as a bridge between the US and Panama, and make sure that members receive relevant information on the country they love. Feel free to drop me a line at if you have any questions!


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